Good pizza. Good times.

WoodFyred is a simple outdoor oven that engineers perfect pizzas and flatbread from wood, fire, steel, and stone.

Its sustainable drum design includes a tempered stone cooking surface that heats in minutes over a small wood fire. Natural convection cooks pizzas quickly and evenly while imparting just the right amount of melt, crisp, char, and chew.

Fire up in your yard, at a friend's or off the grid – WoodFyred’s portable design comes in two sizes and is rugged and easy to assemble. When the party’s over, the oven cools down quickly for timely cleaning and storage.

WoodFyred outdoor pizza ovens are crafted from recycled, food-safe steel drums at a tiny production facility in scenic Burlington, Vermont.

Production has just started.

Come and join us for our WoodFyred Launch Party on Saturday June 25th and be among the first to enjoy a WoodFyred oven.

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Hi, I'm Richard Gliech. I live in beautiful Vermont. Twelve years ago I built a pizza oven in my backyard out of a recycled steel drum. So many people wanted one of their own that I decided to start a company to manufacture them. Enter WoodFyred!

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